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See what others business executives, business influential people, political and social figures are saying about Eleonora Pulcini Fine Art...

"This is the story of ancestral sites and dreamlike, logic and vision: out of emptiness comes a moment of creativity. This is you Eleonora, your singularity, your genius."

Alessandro MorettiCEO of AI international company NEXT SOLUTIONS

"The explosive power of Eleonora Pulcini's paintings has always struck me for the intensity and personality that her brush and colours are able to express: discovering each of her new works is always a joy for the eyes.
I wish her to continue her path and her artistic career studding it with many other successes, exploring and innovating the art of painting with her creativity. "

Fabio Massimo CastaldoVice-President of the European Parliament
Dr Robert KalivodaCEO of SK E&C Australia

"I had the privilege to witness Eleonora's humble beginnings some nine years ago. I clearly remember her first painting she ever sold, her soul, her colours and her style has never changed. If anything all those elements grew into something so special, so magic words can't describe. Her art speaks where words are unable to explain. Eleonora's self-belief, dedication and hard work will no doubt earn her success as well as bringing more joy and smile to all her customers"

Vittorio SgarbiPolitician and member of the Italian Parliament, Art Historian, Art Critic

"The overall work of this artist is pure energy. The use of colours, the dazzling light, the continuous movement that spreads over the entire canvas determine a whole of particular charm. It is difficult not to be seduced: Big Dream, Smile !, Be the light, The abyss my soul for you, Take that step, Let it all go, Believe, You can do it. Imperatives with the same force as the works.
Each canvas reconstructs a different reality, fairy-tale and deafening, which provides, in almost all cases, the escape route in the background, a bewitching light source, almost the abyss of beauty in the golden background of Byzantine art. In some canvases, such as The Hurdle, the same light is transformed into a bolt that comes from the sky as if it were thrown by Zeus, the supreme deity of the Greek religion. The name dates back to the Indo-European Dieus and to the notion of "light" contained in the root "splendor", like the Vedic Dyaus and the Latin Iuppiter.
The Author's imagination has no boundaries, it tells something about the infinite in its eternal becoming. And in eternal becoming is the same author, who with coloristic power elevates the human to the divine in a tension of cosmic energies, released in the canvases The Hope and Let It All Go as Supernova in the galaxy. These canvases suck the viewers soul and accompany them on a metaphysical journey. "

Geoff JamiesonCEO of ORCODA Limited

"As an avid collector of fine art and having owned a gallery holding the art of many famous artists, I had the pleasure of meeting Eleonora Pulcini and viewing her studio in Tasmania, I was quite simply blown away by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy that she exudes onto the canvas, creating whole domains of colour and texture that excites the mind and touches the soul. Eleonora's work is remarkable and I believe any piece of her art is a true investment and she will be recognized in the future alongside other famous masters. "

Valentino VescoviCo-founder and present Board member of Rectifier Technologies Limited

I have been an admirer of Eleonora Pulcini’s art for quite a number of years now and, even now, I continue to be moved by most of her works. She has a unique style, embodying strong colours and movement in her works, which conveys her incredible imagination and passion. I am also amazed constantly by the insightful words that often accompany her works when they appear on her Facebook page. All the awards that she has received to date are richly deserved and are a testament to the world-wide appreciation of her art. I believe she is well on her way to becoming an important and well-known participant in the world of art.

Fotios SpiridonosDirector Freemasons Victoria

Eleonora’s paintings reflect her wisdom, calm yet sparkling personality, and at the same time also reflect a deep understanding and insight of the human psyche. Her paintings immerse the viewer in world of colour, wonder and inspiration. I wish Eleonora continued success and look forward to being continually amazed by her artistic capabilities.

David HartCEO of DH & Associates

"Eleonora’s expressions always engage visually, with her paintings possessing a vibrant, sculptural quality. Their detail and texture draws you in… almost want to close your eyes and run your fingers lightly over the contours!"