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My Art

allows me to feel. Myself. You.

More than telling you how I paint, which I find rather irrelevant to me too, I would like to focus on why and with what intentions I do it.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with wonderful images and perfection is now our normality. In the era of images and only few words, we are now used to seeing these idylls in which the compositions and colors are always impeccable.

The result of all this is a decrease of excitement in front of the things we see and do every day. Nothing surprises us anymore and it becomes more and more difficult to feel that inexplicable, visceral something that comes from inside.

How do we fight this lack of emotion? How do we shield from numbness?

To tell a story, art must arouse emotions and us artists cannot drown into this infectious apathy. My main intent when I paint is to create an image that arouses something strong and that leads the observers to wonder about the nature of these emotions, forgetting to formulate an opinion to determine if they like the artwork or not. I do not want to paint works that you like, works that are nice, pretty, beautiful. I do not care about being a preference. I want to paint lively, real works that come from primordial sensations to arouse as many.

I know that I am on the right path when meanwhile painting a new piece, I experience a feeling of super-excitement and exaltation, as if I were under the influence of a narcotic substance.

My language is made up of contrasts and colours and my stories are told through landscape compositions that are often invented or altered from reality in order to achieve my desired vision.

I would define mine as a Machiavellian approach to painting as I do not impose myself technical, stylistic or aesthetic boundaries neither rules in order to achieve my goal, whatever it takes or I have to do in order to achieve what my mind craves for it needs to be done. There is no right or wrong, there is only being true to myself in a specific moment.

The transport towards certain works at times is so very intense that leads me to put more pressure than necessary on the canvas with my sharp spatulas, causing gashes that alas, either I repair if possible, or I am forced to start all over again on another canvas.

For centuries, art has had elitist subjects and the time has finally come to make every element or emotion worthy of being depicted in art.

I love Nature and the transport that I feel when observing its greatness, its Power, its immensity. Perhaps, that is what I strive to feel when I paint. I want to be part of it, until I feel no boundaries between me and my paintings.



My Paintings

My artworks consist mainly of textured oil paintings on canvas. Thick oil paint is applied to the surface either with palette knives or fingers, some parts are eventually painted by brush. A heavily textured oil painting can take up to 5 months to completely dry once it is completed.
Each artwork is sealed with a  double layer of UV conservation varnish which protects the pigment from fading if exposed to sunlight.

My canvases are made in Australia by local manufactures with the best quality materials and they are wired and safe to be hung.

Each artwork is transported in custom made art crates manufactured in Melbourne by Rebul Packaging, leaders in the transportation of Fine Art goods.

CommissionsAvailable Originals