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My Story

Between Shadows & Lights

Eleonora Pulcini, a Roman artist who emigrated to Australia, takes her first steps in the world of art, among school desks. Her life has often been in black and white, but when she creates, she brings a kaleidoscope to her eyes, with which she interprets the world. Her canvases are easily recognizable, there, inside each canvas, is all her personality: overbearing, bright, abundant, generous colours, applied with her fingers, by getting her hands dirty, or with spatulas. After starting engineering studies with excellent results, she soon realized that the fire that burned in her heart could not be ignored. However, her education has never abandoned her, and, her scientific knowledge, love for philosophy, the study of colours and shadows, and geometry, coexist and have a precise place in her paintings or in their conception. In a world where words are devalued and often too numerous, her creations become powerful and they take the place of many speeches, arousing deep emotions.

My career

Eleonora Pulcini was born in Rome on April 24, 1988. At the age of only 6 she attended an oil painting course with Maestro Vittorio Comez, in Ardea, where she learned the basics of painting. Despite her predisposition for art, she graduated from the Liceo Scientifico Brocca in Anzio, and subsequently began the degree course in Civil Engineering / Architecture at the University of Tor Vergata. In  2009 she  lived in London for a year. After returning to Rome she starts again in 2012 towards a new destination: Eleonora moves to Australia where she establishes Eleonora Pulcini Fine Art, which she has been nurturing with passion and dedication since 2012, increasing sales, over 900 worldwide, receiving important prizes and commissions, including a work for the international AI company “Next” and another which will be featured as the cover of “Outback Creative” book. This is how her dream came true, and Eleonora, an established contemporary painter, exhibits her works on important occasions, including: Cervia, selected among I Mille di Sgarbi; Venice, with special mention received on the occasion of the ProBiennale; Rome,  inside the Aria Contesa Gallery; in Australia, at the Goondiwindi Polo and the Melbourne Pavilion; and in California, with a solo exhibition inside the Baana Gallery in San Francisco. Eleonora’s fame goes as far as Dubai and Abu DHABI, where she exhibited on the occasion of the “Emirates Art CONNECTION”.

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The  inevitable question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I started this battle against myself and against all those who still do not believe that Art alone has the power to fill our lives, even where there are still open wounds. Mine was a dream, that of “living of art”, but I soon realized that its realization could only depend on me. I had the full power to make that dream come true, so I never stopped believing in it, I worked hard for so many years without ever losing sight of my goal. An artist today must also be a skilled entrepreneur, must know how to use the necessary and available tools to achieve the desired visibility and must know how to defend him/herself in an increasingly relentless market that shows off its pitfalls, masked by ephemeral flattery.

And more importantly, it must have a moral code to follow, in order to earn the respect of its valued audience. My audience believed in me, respected me as much as I respected them, trusted me and allowed me to grow both from an artistic and entrepreneurial point of view. I tried to do everything I could in order to ensure that their trust was not misplaced, with the infinite joy of seeing it grow more and more, day after day, work after work. It is extremely essential to remember where we started from and to return with enormous gratitude all that we can to that generous audience, all the support received

Finally Eleonora Pulcini Fine Art, my company, has managed to realize the desire to found a non-profit organization, called EP Foundation, dedicated to supporting all those less fortunate children who have the great dream of becoming artists. That of EP is the story of a little girl who had no possibility to pursue her dreams, it is the story of a girl like many others who grew up amidst the difficulties that life presents, at the recurring crossroads of the many difficult choices to make. EP in ten years wants to be the name of a woman, who does not represent just an artist, but the first of all tangible proof that each of us, with dedication and commitment, can elevate our existence, transforming our dreams into reality.