“The Stones cried out”

Oil on canvas
Year 2022

“Painted to the lyrics of “Everybody wants to rule the World”

“”I’ve been on the other end of the ocean

I’ve seen many different sides of the sun

Well, I felt the earth shake beneath my feet
And wondered if my time, it was done
And I’ve dabbled in the darkest of places
I’ve done all kinds of drugs
But there’s never been a high that’s made me feel
The embrace of love
And the stones cried out.”
If you have ever wondered where the inspiration for this came from here it is.
Shawn James most amazing song
“The Stones Cried Out”
You can also preorder his new album “A Place in the Unknown” which features my painting on the cover heading to Shawn’s website:
“The Stones Cried Out” is also out on all streaming platforms and there’s a new lyric video on YouTube as well.
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Why I love his music so much?
Because it’s rich of knowledge and life experiences. I like to find references in his lyrics which goes from religion to mythology, history and current chronicles, from literature to poetry. It’s a music that carries so much hard work and it’s authentic, genuine, ever evolving.
No, it’s not commercial, and we are so glad it is not. It’s Art and Art deserves to be discovered, loved, supported.

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