“The gardens that no one knows”

Oil on canvas
Year 2023


My intent was the one of creating a promiscuous oasis, a vision almost, that should never let us forget all the aspects of war and the conflicting states of minds it carries with it.
They fall: the forest floor is stained with scarlet red.
The Mayhem of explosions in the distance gives an illusion of far away lands or homes.
The light, perhaps, it’s a safe refuge.
A vision in the vision and now the spectators change. Who’s this place for? For us? For them? For the sake of honouring the carnage only humans are capable of?
Life goes on, drops of pain are washed away by the river.
But the scarlet red of those beautiful flowers takes away any other colour, like a capillary drainage.
Trees are “BLUE”, and more and more blue as their roots are sinking.
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