“Let me in”

Oil on canvas
Year 2021

“Let me in.
I know you are there.
I know you want to break through but not all ears are made to listen.
I’ve been there, in the dark places of misbelief and fear.
I know how the lack of emotion, the deeming spark of Life, the numbness make you feel. The problem is that they DO NOT make you feel anything.
There is a moment where there is absolutely nothing, not even a tear to shed.
Only those who have been there can hear these silent screams for help, see the empty eyes.
Let me get you out of there, let me grab your hand.
You are beautiful and you deserve this life, an a million more lives to come.
This is a game where nobody wins and nobody loses.
John Nash theory and his equilibrium don’t apply, we can still change the outcome if you make a move.
Let me in, I want to be inside your darkest everything and enlighten it with a new light.
You know, when I painted this I got angry and cried and I said to myself ” Why did I ruin something so beautiful, putting my hands in there”.
Well, it wasn’t my hands the problem, it was that I saw myself in that rock, trapped, helpless, alone, in the dark. It was only when I saw it with my own eyes who had I become that I decided to give myself a chance and now I see beauty into those hands.
Every story is worthy being heard so be proud of every place you have lingered in along the way.
That makes you who you are.
Love you,

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